The company L’OREAL PRODUITS DE LUXE INTERNATIONAL S.A., a limited company registered on the Paris Commercial and Companies Register under the no. 309 064 947 and having its registered office at 106 rue Danton, Levallois-Perret (92691), acting for its HELENA RUBINSTEIN department and brand, is pleased to welcome you to its website so that you can discover the HELENA RUBINSTEIN products.


L’OREAL PRODUITS DE LUXE INTERNATIONAL has chosen the BRAND ONLINE COMMERCE company to create and manage its retail website (referred to below as “the Site”).


The creator of the website is BRAND ONLINE COMMERCE S.A.S., a simplified joint stock company with a capital of 49,056 Euros, registered on the Paris Commercial and Companies Register under the no. 507 848 216, having its registered office at 5 rue Dagorno, Paris (75012), telephone 01 44 75 85 15, and the intra-Community VAT number FR 95 507 848 216.


The Publications Manager is Florence Puech.


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b. Specific stipulations in relation to certain Sections


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a. General provisions


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Moreover, we remind you that errors or omissions may appear in information available on this Site, in particular through third party intrusion. Please advise us of any error or omission by using the Contact Page.

b. Information on the products and services


Unless otherwise stated, the products and services that are presented to you on this Site are not offered for sale but form a presentation of the range of products and services that we distribute throughout the country in which this Site is accessed.

c. Advice and diagnostic tools


The advice provided on this Site and/or any diagnostic tools that may be available are merely simulations aimed at obtaining advice on cosmetics.

The information that they provide is given strictly for information purposes only and cannot under any circumstances replace a medical diagnosis or clinical consultation or replace medical treatment.

Consequently, we cannot guarantee you full satisfaction in relation to the advice resulting from the use of such tools and assume no liability in relation to the use that you may make of it.









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f. Responsible of the publication of the magazine section


The magazine section is edited by: PURESTYLE
SAS (limited company)
RCS Paris 504 148 602
Head office: 3 avenue Hoche
Hall 1, Etage 5
75008 Paris (FRANCE)
Share capital of 174 800 Euros
Director of Publication : Cédric Siré
Responsible editors : Audrey Douvre, Annaick Fontvielle




We may collect your personal information, in particular when (i) you subscribe to a service, (ii) download Downloadable Content, (iii) use a Section and/or diagnostic tool, (iv) register for a game/competition, (v) send us an email, (vi) reply to a survey or research.


This personal information will be the subject of computer processing exclusively for the purposes of Helena Rubinstein and may be used in the following manner:







Statistical studies: we compile and study your data in order to define your profile and to better adapt our services to your requirements. These statistical studies are strictly confidential;


Customer relationship monitoring: if you send us a message, the information is stored and used in order to provide a reply to the request and to ensure follow up;


Provision of services: sending newsletters, access to certain advice sections, etc.


In addition, if you have so authorized by ticking the respective box, we may transfer your personal information to our partners.


Pursuant to the Computers and Data Protection Law of 6 January 1978, amended in 2004, you have a right to access, oppose, rectify and delete data that concerns you. You can exercise this right at any time by sending an email, together with a photocopy of your ID card or passport, using the Contact Page.


We may modify the contents and information included in this Site and these Conditions of Use, in particular in order to comply with any applicable new legislation and/or regulations and/or in order to improve the Site. Any changes will be included in these Conditions of Use.


The site is hosted by the company No Blue Screen System S.A.S. (NBS System), having a capital of 203,905 Euros, its registered office at 140 boulevard Haussmann, Paris (75008), telephone 01 58 56 60 80, France, which is registered on the Paris Commercial and Companies Register under the number 423 410 901.